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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: [csv] Priorisation of enhancements
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 16:59:51 GMT
On 2/22/06, Stefan Rufer <> wrote:
> Henry proposed a series of enhancements for the commons-csv, including:
>   - performance (poor for current implementation)
>   - features
>   - naming/design (introduce Csv instead of String[][], introduce
>     CsvStrategy class)
> For details of the tests and feature list see
> IMO a possible priorisation of these tasks is:
> 1) naming/design
> 2) performance
> 3) features

Given the slow performance of the current codebase, I'm tempted to
think that 2) should be moving in parallel with 1). Either by
hand-optimising the current one via a tool like YourKit or JProfiler;
or by leaping over to generating a parser via a parser generator and
making the assumption that it'll give us a performance improvement.

Sorry for not replying to your previous emails; I'm right at the end
of organizing a move to a new city, so my spare time has been
demolished for the past few weeks.


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