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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject IRC: #commons ?
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 16:34:01 GMT
I've been using IRC more recently for various apache channels. It's
quite a fun thing to do. Any thoughts on connecting to a #commons at

The obvious negative to be listed is the worry that it'll pull
important information off of the -dev list and bugs will get answered
that won't go onto the -user list's history. The first is easy to fix;
we just bear in mind that IRC is just a place to chat for us
committers. The second is harder, but I think we can deal with it if
it starts to feel like its happening.

Another negative is that a minority may be strictly firewalled and
unable to contribute.

What are the pluses?

* #apache is a very active irc channel where lots of httpd questions
get answered. I doubt they're even being answered by committers; just
knowledgable contributors.

* It's superb for the general socialization. Really pulls people
together as a community, improving individual and group ties - we can
chat, joke, discuss without spamming the hell out of the -dev/-user

* It brings us into more contact with the user community. This'll help
with being aware that we want to offer people committership etc.

* Gives the users somewhere else to ask questions.


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