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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject [VOTE] Release commons-logging 1.1.0 As Alpha1
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2006 15:38:35 GMT
this is a little involved and the explanations a little length. if you
are just voting then please cut the context. if you wish to make some
comments then please cut the votes (this should make the thread easier
to handle.

there are two votes here: the first is a release vote on the latest
release candidate (RC5) and the second on a proposal to use a system of
promotion which would dub this release Alpha1 (to allow time for
testing. please read the proposal for more details).

JCL is an important release for a very widely used and strongly
criticised component so please take enough time to review the candidates
and spot any faults.

i'll tally the VOTEs no earlier than 2400 GMT saturday 25th february

i'd +1 to both the release vote and the process proposal

- robert

-- 8< -----------------------------------------------------------------

Release RC5

This vote is for the technical check that the latest release candidate
is of sufficient quality to be a Jakarta Commons release. It's status
will depend on the result of the process vote (see below).

The release candidate is available from and the website from This is an
important release so please check it carefully and feel free to note any
improvements which could be made.

[ ] +1 I have checked RC5 and approve it for release  
[ ] +0 I approve of the release but have not checked it in detail
[ ] -0 I disapprove of the release but have not checked it in detail
[ ] -1 I have checked RC5 and it is flawed (please list improvements


Most commons components use a release that uses multiple release
candidates. Once the release is up to the technical standards required
for Jakarta Commons releases, it is approved and released. 

JCL 1.1.0 is an important release. Not only is JCL very widely used but
the limitations of the 1.0.x series of releases has been widely
reported. It is important that the 1.1 release not only resolves these
problems but also does not introduce any new ones.

I'd therefore like to propose that (for this release) the following
additions be made to the conventional process:

Release candidates will be produced as normal until one satisfies the
quality standards required for jakarta commons releases. At that stage,
though, the release will be dubbed commons-logging-1.1-alpha1. An
announcement will be made requesting that users, developers and
committers test this release. If there are no problems then a subsequent
VOTE will be held to promote this release. 

The release will be recut each time but no code modifications will be
made without resetting the process. 

[ ] +1 Approve this process
[ ] +0
[ ] -0
[ ] -1 Do not use this process

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