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From Jose Juan Montiel <>
Subject [net] JDK 1.4+ Branch?
Date Sun, 29 Jan 2006 10:38:10 GMT
Hi Rory,

i have not sufficient experience in Jakarta Commons Net, to decide or
even to talk about of this, but i would said a few things about your

> * FTPS support would not necessitate a separate (JSSE) jar dependency;

About dependency, i hope explain well in thread "JSSE and FTPS functionality".

> * It also may be easier to incrementally add new functionality, such as
> Proxy support

If when you said "Proxy support", you talk about the problem/bug
URLConnection, in JDK 1.3, that don't send user and password in
HttpURLConnection. i.e.

URL url = new URL("ftp://user:password@host:port/path");
URLConnection conexion = (url).openConnection();

InputStream in = clientHttp.getInputStream();

To the proxy it send ftp://host:port/path...

Because of this, its imposible to implement FtpHttpProxyClient... (its
only works with anonymous client).

If you talk of this, i have a solution, 2 classes that extends and
modifie 2 classes of JDK 1.3
(, and solve this problem...

If you want, i could colaborate...

And Steve,

> The only negative I can find is that our contributor of the FTPS stuff
> badly wants 1.3 compatibility.  And I have a feeling that he's not the
> only one.  1.3 is not yet End of Life according to Sun, although it will
> be soon.

I'm not negative :) only i would like use Jakarta Commons Net with my
JDK 1.3 proyects... If remember i don't ask colaborate, i only want 2
variables protected... :)

But, i don't mind colaborate with yours to make Jakarta Commons Net
better (and if possible JDK 1.3 compilant)

> I guess I'm okay with it but I'm not quite a +1 yet until I understand
> how much work is involved.  I notice a couple of the Jakarta Commons
> projects do separate branches:

About this, i offer my time, to mantain FTPS under 1.3 or ever 1.4 :)

If you want...

Thank for your time.

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