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From Jose Juan Montiel <>
Subject How to implent FTPS extending FTPClient, from a diferente package...
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 09:04:46 GMT
Hi everybody, I'm Jose from Spain.

I make an implement of FTPS: using implementation (which use a new
class, created by UFSC, that
extends, with some minor
modification to adapt Java 1.3 and solve some fix with PASV transfer
(modification and fix, that i comunicate to the author).

I try to build FtpsClient under diferent packege, then i found that
couldn't do it because, in the

BufferedReader _controlInput;
BufferedWriter _controlOutput;

were declare with packege visibility, and FtpsClient use this, to
implement securety
connection to SSLSocket. Something like this:

this._controlInput = new BufferedReader(new
InputStreamReader(socket.getInputStream(), getControlEncoding()));
this._controlOutput = new BufferedWriter(new
OutputStreamWriter(socket.getOutputStream(), getControlEncoding()));

Because of this, FtpsClient, in UFSC, is under

Then the solution I adopt, was copy (and minor modify) FTPClient and
FTP from in my own package, and extends
FtpsClient, from my own FTPClient, to make it in a difetent pakage...

And now, my question is: why this variables are declare this way?
without a getter?

It could be possible, for future version, declare protected, for
simplify the extension of api, to implement FTPS, or other future
protocol... in diferent package...?

Thanks to all, for your time and anwers.

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