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From Jose Juan Montiel <>
Subject [net] FTPS or...
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 15:00:39 GMT
...why in the variables

BufferedReader _controlInput;
BufferedWriter _controlOutput;

aren't declare protected?

Hi everybody, i'm newbee in this list, and i'm trying to impliments
SSL-FTPS over Java 1.3.1, using
implementation of FTPS, with some minor modification to adapt 1.3 and
solve some fix with PASV transfer (modification and fix, that i
comunicate to the author), but the problem i find, was i couldn't
implement FTPSClient in diferent package of
because, this variables, that UFSC use, to implement securety
connection to SSLSocket

this._controlInput = new BufferedReader(new
InputStreamReader(socket.getInputStream(), getControlEncoding()));
this._controlOutput = new BufferedWriter(new
OutputStreamWriter(socket.getOutputStream(), getControlEncoding()));

haven't a getter... and its visibility is to the package....

Then, i have to create FTPClient and FTP, and extends FTPSClient, from
my own FTPClient, to make it in a difetent pakage...

Could devoloper make getter for this properties or protected, for
simplify the extension of api?

Thanks for all...

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