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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject Re: SCXML Junit tests
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 02:43:43 GMT
On 1/30/06, Peter Costa <> wrote:
> I have started writing unit tests for SCXML

Thanks for taking the initiative to do that, those will be valuable
additions to the SCXML component.

> and was
> wondering what the best way to get the files submitted
> would be.  There is no bug open for writing tests,
> should I just attach them to an email or what is the
> best way.

Please open a bug report. Attaching to a bugzilla ticket is probably
the fastest way to handle this. Some related information is here:

Its recommended practice to prefix the bug summary (title) with
[scxml] as these open bugs filed for the SCXML component do:

Further, since you're interested in SCXML development, take a look at
the branches as well, feedback is welcome about the work going on

I expect the STATELESS_MODEL branch to be pulled in to trunk shortly,
the BETWIXT_IO branch hasn't seen any development yet. You'll find a
BRANCHINFO.txt file at the root of the branches that tries to explain
what we're attempting to do with each branch.


> Peter

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