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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject Re: [net] JSSE classes in FTPS WAS Re: [net] FTPS submission - legal issues
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 02:15:45 GMT
On 1/23/06, Steve Cohen <> wrote:
> Rory Winston wrote:
> > Ive come across the com.sun.* issue before. They are part of the JVM, just not officially
documented for public use. Usually, they are convenience classes written by Sun programmes
who develop the JDK. AFAIK, Sun says that you can use them if you wish, but their use is not
recommended, purely on the basis that they may disappear from one  JDK release to the next.
> >
> > What are the com.sun.* classes being used here for, specifically? It may be possible
to use "official" classes for this functionality.
> >
> > Rory
>  From what I've been able to gather there are "official classes" as of
> jdk 1.4.  Prior to that these were a separate package, the JSSE.
> So I guess there are three possibilities:
> 1.  Use the classes.  (Out of the question because of our
> mandate to support 1.3)
> 2.  Do what Paul and Josejuan did - use the com.sun classes
> 3.  Maybe.  use the classes but document that if used with
> JDK < 1.4, jsse.jar must be on the classpath.
> Has anyone on this list had experience with these type of issues?
> (technical, not legal).

No, haven't had to deal with such a situation. But doesn't this mean
that the code will only work on a subset of the 1.3 JDKs (Sun)? If so,
maybe (3) isn't all that bad?


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