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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject [JEXL] Adding myself to JEXL component
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 21:31:22 GMT
JEXL developers -

Any objections to me adding myself to the JEXL component?

I will be starting small -- fixing typos and broken/obsolete links and
republishing the website etc. Over time, I'm looking at adding to the
JexlContexts and JexlExprResolvers. For example, some ideas include:

 * A "TreeJexlContext", which is backed by a tree of contexts, where
one may point to a current context node and variable resolution
bubbles up to the root until the variable is found (or fails at root).

 * A "ScopedJexlContext", to support multiple scopes/contexts,
allowing differentiation of the type and

 * An "ImplicitObjectsJexlContext", where contexts may be populated
with implicit objects for a particular environment that aren't lost on
JexlContext#setVars(Map) -- potentially handled by having a decorated
JexlExprResolver instead.

As a sidebar, Commons SCXML now supports using JEXL expressions in
SCXML documents [1]. I have use cases similar to the suggestions above
and some other usecases may potentially pop up as I think some more
about this.



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