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From jerome lacoste <>
Subject Re: [exec] API sketch?
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 09:51:55 GMT
On 1/17/06, Niklas Gustavsson <> wrote:
> Hi
> jerome lacoste wrote:
> > I had some changes in mind compared to my original design proposal, to
> > make it simpler.
> >
> > So I am willing to help you design & test this API/implementation and
> > make sure it works with CruiseControl.
> Great!
> > I don't want to duplicate efforts so I would prefer a coordinator on
> > that. Should I take back my original proposal and clean it up? Should
> > we start from scratch?
> I'll be happy to coordinate the efforts here. Did you have time to look
> at the quick draft I sent out last week in this thread?
> When it comes to designing the API I would be happy to start from
> scratch if that makes it any easier for the users of the library. I
> think we should strive for a simple API, in line with the XOM design
> principles [1]. I especially would like us to follow "As simple as it
> can be and no simpler", "There's exactly one way to do it" and "Do not
> allow clients to do bad things". I don't think the current code fits
> with any of these so there is some work to be done.

I agree with the principles.

There's only one issue: backward compatibility. I have over 1000 lines
of code that use the former API. So if the switch could be not too
hard to do...

> > Whatever the proposal, I want to see code examples to see how it would
> > work in practise.
> Agreed, what would be the requirements for use within CC?

More or less what was covered in my original API description document.
My current need is to:
- externalize the current Process execution to your library (reduce code in CC)
- get more control on the spawned processes to be able to give the
user a chance to kill them when something goes wrong.


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