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From Rory Winston <>
Subject [net] JDK 1.4+ Branch?
Date Sat, 28 Jan 2006 20:36:15 GMT

I have been following the email threads re: JSSE and FTPS functionality. 
I think that this might be a good point to consider introducing a 
version of Commons-Net that uses JDK 1.4+ as a baseline. My reasoning is 
as follows:

* We could remove the (oro) jar dependency;
* FTPS support would not necessitate a separate (JSSE) jar dependency;
* It could be a good opportunity to "clean up" the threading code and 
socket handling, and make use of NIO;
* It also may be easier to incrementally add new functionality, such as 
Proxy support

Of course, JDK-1.3-compatible releases could still continue on HEAD, or 
we could move the 1.4+ branch to HEAD and the 1.3 code to a maintenance 

As a simple proof-of-concept, I have set up a sandbox branch and made 
some minor enhancements, including:

* Changing oro-dependant code to use Java regex code instead

Any comments?

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