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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: [net] JSSE classes in FTPS WAS Re: [net] FTPS submission - legal issues
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 18:19:15 GMT
Just use jsse. I didn't have any problems with them under jdk1.3.
Running that stuff under > jdk1.3 should also work like charm.


Steve Cohen wrote:
> Rory Winston wrote:
>> Ive come across the com.sun.* issue before. They are part of the JVM, 
>> just not officially documented for public use. Usually, they are 
>> convenience classes written by Sun programmes who develop the JDK. 
>> AFAIK, Sun says that you can use them if you wish, but their use is 
>> not recommended, purely on the basis that they may disappear from one  
>> JDK release to the next.
>> What are the com.sun.* classes being used here for, specifically? It 
>> may be possible to use "official" classes for this functionality.
>> Rory
>  From what I've been able to gather there are "official classes" as of 
> jdk 1.4.  Prior to that these were a separate package, the JSSE.
> So I guess there are three possibilities:
> 1.  Use the classes.  (Out of the question because of our 
> mandate to support 1.3)
> 2.  Do what Paul and Josejuan did - use the com.sun classes
> 3.  Maybe.  use the classes but document that if used with 
> JDK < 1.4, jsse.jar must be on the classpath.
> Has anyone on this list had experience with these type of issues? 
> (technical, not legal).
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