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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: [net] How to implent FTPS extending FTPClient, from a diferente package...
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 12:55:05 GMT
PLease write this up in bugzilla and we will consider it.  Do you want 
to set these variables or only get them?
Jose Juan Montiel wrote:
> Hi everybody, I'm Jose from Spain.
> I make an implement of FTPS: using
> implementation (which use a new
> class, created by UFSC, that
> extends, with some minor
> modification to adapt Java 1.3 and solve some fix with PASV transfer
> (modification and fix, that i comunicate to the author).
> I try to build FtpsClient under diferent packege, then i found that
> couldn't do it because, in the
> variables
> BufferedReader _controlInput;
> BufferedWriter _controlOutput;
> were declare with packege visibility, and FtpsClient use this, to
> implement securety
> connection to SSLSocket. Something like this:
> this._controlInput = new BufferedReader(new
> InputStreamReader(socket.getInputStream(), getControlEncoding()));
> this._controlOutput = new BufferedWriter(new
> OutputStreamWriter(socket.getOutputStream(), getControlEncoding()));
> Because of this, FtpsClient, in UFSC, is under
> Then the solution I adopt, was copy (and minor modify) FTPClient and
> FTP from in my own package, and extends
> FtpsClient, from my own FTPClient, to make it in a difetent pakage...
> And now, my question is: why this variables are declare this way?
> without a getter?
> It could be possible, for future version, declare protected, for
> simplify the extension of api, to implement FTPS, or other future
> protocol... in diferent package...?
> Thanks to all, for your time and anwers.
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