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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: [Collections]commons-collections 4.x and backward compatibility w ith 2.x
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 00:19:50 GMT
Rajagopal Manohar , ISDC - Chennai wrote:
> This is the Java doc from SequencedHashMap @deprecated: Replaced by
> LinkedMap and ListOrderedMap in map subpackage. Due to be removed in v4.0.
> We are using java 1.3 and commons collection 2.x. I want to know if our
> binaries produced by compiling against commons-collections 2.x continue to
> work if we decide to upgrade to commons-collection 4.x just as 1.3 binaries
> will work with java 1.4. i.e. will the backward compatibility be broken with
> 4.x

Yes, it is our intention to remove SequencedHashMap from version 4.x. 
However, the next version will be 3.2, and I would guess a 4.0 is a fair 
way off.

> If it is planned to break backwards compatibility I request the developers
> to reconsider

Major version numbers exist to indicate a break in compatability. In 
this case, because of the large number of classes that will be removed, 
it is possible that we will consider creating an additional jar just 
with the previously deprecated classes.

> PS: Is there any performance improvement in LinkedMap over SequencedHashMap
> which I can use to make a compelling case to upgrade to commons-collection
> 3.x.
LinkedMap is probably faster and probaly uses less memory. This is 
because SequencedHashMap wraps a HashMap, whereas LinkedMap implements 
the map from scratch. LinkedMap also implements MapIterator.


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