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From Brett Porter <>
Subject [exec] API sketch?
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 23:26:20 GMT

Back in September 05 (wow, is it really 2006 already? :) Jerome sent a
comprehensive vision for exec. I found myself agreeing with most
everything in there (I'll reply to a couple of specifics shortly).

Message ID from then: <>

However, it was long and wordy. I think the key part was that "we should
have a minimal exposed API". Maybe a good step forward is to sketch that
API, then write implementations that reuse existing code, then refactor
code behind the scenes later?

With this, we could get something up and working *reasonably* quickly
that is *reasonably* stable.

Jerome, Niklas, Trygve - anyone interested in picking this up? In some
ways the above email described it and this is just an interface sketch.


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