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From Eugene Kuleshov>
Subject Re: Javaflow and ASM
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 21:53:22 GMT
Kohsuke Kawaguchi wrote:

>>    Actually your above example should be quite simple, especially if 
>> we can assume that we know local variable types (e.g. debug 
>> information is available):
> Well, sure, if you can use debug information, but I don't think we can 
> assume that in javaflow, can we.

   It depends. But in general you probably right. :-)

>>    Though more complicated case would be the case when restoring stack 
>> not directly used by the currently restoring method. Probably 
>> something similar to what happening for NEW opcodes. And for this we 
>> will have to always search for common super class or interface.
> OK, sounds like we are in agreement that we sometimes do need to compute 
> the base class.

   Right. BTW, SimpleVerifier is actually doing this already using 
Class methods.

   Though there is some tricky scenario that would be difficult to 
handle. This is in case when two classes would have more then one 
common interface (e.g. both implements Comparable and Externalizable) 
and don't have common super class. Eric left a comment in 
SimpleVerifier code about this scenario and I am not sure how this can 
be resolved.

>>> It shouldn't be too difficult; BCEL does that. As I wrote in the 
>>> commit message, all we need is a resolver that can get you the byte 
>>> code image of those referenced classes (like ClassX and ClassY.)
>>    We have code for this within ASM test cases. It is in 
>> MUSTANG_SUPPORT branch in org.objectweb.asm.ClassWriterTest3 class. If 
>> you like I can try to put this code into SimpleVerifier subclass 
>> already used in javaflow.
> That would be great.

   Will do that and then depends from the results of your testing I 
can look at implementing algorithm based on dataflow only.


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