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From David Holroyd <>
Subject [fileupload] Efficient upload stream reading API?
Date Tue, 31 Jan 2006 09:02:31 GMT

The current FileUpload API only allows uploaded data to be read by the
application if an intermediate buffer (i.e. DiskFileItem) is used.  It
would be very handy if the low-level interfaces provided read access to
the uploaded file data.

Currently, the API provided by MultipartStream is in terms of an

  int readBodyData(OutputStream output)

I am proposing the addition of a method like,

  InputStream readBodyData()

I've started hacking together some code to add this functionality, and
to re-implemented the original readBodyData(OutputStream) method
in terms of this using IOUtils.copy(int, out).

Would a patch along these lines be accepted?



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