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From Tim OBrien <>
Subject Re: [JEXL] Validate plugin Uberspec approach
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 15:14:15 GMT
So, in a class like ASTArrayAccess, you are talking about changing a call like this:

VelPropertyGet vg = Introspector.getUberspect().getPropertyGet(o, s, DUMMY);

To something like,

VelPropertyGet vg = jexlContext.getIntrospector().getUberspect()....

Seems reasonable, but you might want to preserve the default static instance of Uberspect
Introspector for continuity.


--- wrote:

> Hi,
> It looks like the simplest place to provide a plugin mechanism in JEXL is 
> via the JexlContext object. My reasoning is that this object is passed 
> along everywhere that evaluation occurs, and would allow two different 
> users of JEXL within the same JVM to use different Uberspec objects.
> I wouldn't mind comments from the current contributor/committers for JEXL.
> Thanks,
> Doug

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