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From Tim OBrien <>
Subject Re: [scxml] a few observations, issues before release
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 16:16:52 GMT
Rahul, my emails are a tad long, eh?  Apologies in advance.

--- Rahul Akolkar <> wrote:

> > 3. Is SCXML appropriate for Commons?
> >
> > Commons SCXML might not be appropriate for Jakarta Commons.  See the recent discussion
> general@
> > about componentizing different parts of Jakarta.  I'm not going to fight this one
because I
> think
> > we're in a time of transition, but commons-scxml might ultimately benefit from producing
> number
> > of separate artifacts.  scxml, scxml-faces, scxml-shale, etc.
> >
> <snip/>
> Yup, seen that thread. However, IMO, moving SCXML *again* will amount
> to handing off what I will call a "death by Commons" to this
> component. We moved the codebase from Taglibs because I completely
> agreed with Martin's (martinc) suggestion at the time that this code
> is useful beyond its first usecase in Taglibs. Very few of those who
> supported the RDC development and release are present in Commons which
> means we started mostly from scratch in terms of developer community.
> Now we're at a point in Commons where the veto vote from Martin (mvdb)
> however acknowledges the sustained development effort around Commons
> SCXML. The component will lose this "history" once again if we go
> elsewhere. ATM, IMO, Commons is the best place for this implementation
> to live in Jakarta (or Apache even).

Understood.   Let's just acknowledge that if scxml is a successful component, and if it
experiences the level of interest I think it warrants, it could very well go the route of

At the moment, it is a simple, narrow component focused on scxml.   I think it would be wise
think about the long term.  Jakarta is going to undergo some transitions over the next year
general@ thread from last week), and during that transition we should put a flag on scxml
as one
of the components that we need to think about as being qualitatively different from something
Commons Lang.

But, short-term, promotion to proper makes sense.


You are right about Jakarta state transitions not being nearly as clean as an ideal state

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