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From Tim OBrien <>
Subject RE: [scxml] compliance with SCXML Working Draft
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 16:23:37 GMT
Good to hear that a stricter definition is on the way, I noticed that section 5.1 had constraints
on attributes, but I didn't see any in 3.1. Let me ask you another question while I've got
attention, any plans to release an XML Schema for the SCXML standard? 

...this brings up another issue, I think it would be beneficial for the ASF to join the W3C,
we're currently not a Member organization.  Is there mechanism by which interested committers
could get a window into the working group? 


--- "Barnett, James" <> wrote:

> We hope to have a new working draft of the SCXML spec out soon (i.e. a
> week or two), which  will tighten up the syntactic definition.  The
> 'initialstate' attribute will be required.  
> In general, for conformance issues, we will want to focus on the new
> draft, rather than the existing one.  (But the new draft will leave the
> semantics vague in a number of places - we hope to tighten them up in
> the following draft.)
> - Jim
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> From: Tim OBrien [] 
> Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2006 10:23 AM
> To:
> Subject: [scxml] compliance with SCXML Working Draft
> I'm trying to use SCXMLDigester to read an SCXML file without an
> "initialstate" attribute defined
> on the <scxml> document element.  Doing so throws a "SEVERE: No SCXML
> child state with ID "null"
> found; illegal initialstate for SCXML document"
> The Working Draft
> ( doesn't specify
> whether
> or not the initialstate attribute is required, and from the examples in
> sections E1 and E2, SCXML
> documents without this attribute are presented.  I'm assuming that there
> can be state chart XML
> documents that do not specify an initial state until the draft is
> updated.
> updateSCXML in SCXMLDigester assumes that this attribute is present.
> Rahil, I propose that if the
> initialstate is not present this method shouldn't print an error message
> "SEVERE", it should just
> skip setting the initialstate.  I believe that the default behavior
> works, but the error message
> is misleading.
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