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From Tim OBrien <>
Subject [scxml] compliance with SCXML Working Draft
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2006 15:22:38 GMT
I'm trying to use SCXMLDigester to read an SCXML file without an "initialstate" attribute defined
on the <scxml> document element.  Doing so throws a "SEVERE: No SCXML child state with
ID "null"
found; illegal initialstate for SCXML document"

The Working Draft ( doesn't specify
or not the initialstate attribute is required, and from the examples in sections E1 and E2,
documents without this attribute are presented.  I'm assuming that there can be state chart
documents that do not specify an initial state until the draft is updated.

updateSCXML in SCXMLDigester assumes that this attribute is present.  Rahil, I propose that
if the
initialstate is not present this method shouldn't print an error message "SEVERE", it should
skip setting the initialstate.  I believe that the default behavior works, but the error message
is misleading.

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