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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject [logging] release status
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 08:14:23 GMT

Now unit tests are verified for different JVMs I think we're pretty much
done with the code. The only things left I'm aware of are:

Robert to commit patches by Boris if desired.

To decide whether we want a "commons-logging-minimal-nn.jar" given we
already have "commons-logging-api-nn.jar", and then to update the
RELEASE-NOTES.txt according to that decision.

To revisit the MANIFEST.MF file. I believe there was some discussion on
this list a while ago about some attribute of the manifest that should
be there but most projects weren't inserting. I went searching for the
info and found this:
with a comment by a certain Robert Donkin. So I presume you know what to
do with the manifest Robert? :-)

After RC1 is released, nudge Luke to test:
and Dimitry to test:

Then there's website and documentation stuff. Personally I would like to
see only the really core and stable JSL documenation in the static
website, with the rest on the wiki. We all know how tricky it is to get
JCL documentation right, and it's so much easier to fix mistakes on a
wiki than publishing a new static website..



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