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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject [all] Website TODOs
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 04:09:48 GMT
I've refreshed the Commons website according to recent discussions.


1) Dormant components revival (website says [1] we need a VOTE
according to the sandbox pruning proposal [2]). Any objections?

2) There are 6 links under "View Source Code Repository", a bit of a
clutter. Hen was to check with infra to see if we can slash that down
to 3. Hen?

3) I've refreshed site for [scxml]. Rest of the components will pick
up changes as their sites are refreshed.

4) I think Steve mentioned the chmod failures on site:sshdeploy for
Commons. Since I witnessed that today, that has to do with the
recursive chmod under siteDirectory, which hits every component in
commons (given the directory structure), many of which have hostile
permissions for a chmod, given other owners. I don't think we need to
worry about this (unless someone wants to convince maven to recurse


[1] (see bottom of)

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