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From Niall Pemberton <>
Subject Re: [vfs][REVOTE] release version 1.0
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 15:27:42 GMT
On 12/6/05, Mario Ivankovits <> wrote:
> Hi Niall!
> > From what I can see the <exclude name="**/*.java"> would have
> > prevented any tests being included and removing that is when the tests
> > started failing. So in summary my guess is the tests never worked in
> > gump.
> >
> For sure, and they wont work anyway as there is no test server available
> for gump.
> > Looking at the gump config for vfs, I think the test classes dir is
> > missing from the classpath, so I have added it.
> Thank you very much!

No problem, although looks like fixing that one issue was just the tip
of the iceberg!

> >  Hopefully that should
> > sort out the ClassNotFound exception.
> >
> As I said, tests should still fail - is there now a vmware available
> where I can put my test-server?
> I already use vmware and thus have a vmware image?

OK, the gump change has been picked up and the ClassNotFoundException
has gone, but its now failing because gump needs to be configured for
all the test properties you have defined in your
file - for example "test.basedir".

However its not worth fixing these issues if at the end of the day you
can't get whatever server you need up and working - you'll have to ask
the "gump experts" about vmware and running your test-server to work
this out.

Also, since all tests were specifically excluded from the maven
generated ant file...
...IMO it would be better to not modify the file (i.e. build.xml)
directly, but change the "maven.ant.excludeTests" in and re-generate it.

The question is, was it your intention to start running the tests in
gump? Presumably, they were excluded from the maven-generated ant
build file because of the difficulties in running them in gump. Maybe
you should revert back to excluding them again?


> ---
> Mario

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