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From Niall Pemberton <>
Subject Re: [all] Together, and bricks apart
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 10:46:14 GMT
On 12/2/05, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> One other comment that I have on the issue of voting on releases is
> that the core problem here is lack of component-committed volunteers,
> IMHO.  I remember a couple of years back when we discussed whose votes
> were binding on component releases.  Hen made the interesting comment
> that he felt that committers not working on the component should vote
> and their votes were as important / even more important than those of
> the project team.  We have now devolved to the point where without
> these votes, we will in some cases not be able to get 3 binding +1's.
> This is not good.  Somehow we have to reengage as Rahul pointed out at
> the top of this thread.  It might be a good idea for each of us to
> take stock of the components that we can really +1 releases for (in
> Neil's sense) and then see where the gaps are.  By "us" I mean the
> whole community.  Anyone who is willing to review releases, respond to
> bug reports, answer user questions, submit patches, or improve docs is
> encouraged to step up.  We need help!

I agree and I have sympathy where theres one or two active developers
working hard and keen to put something out, but short of a +1. That
was the case for me on Validator recently - luckily Stephen Colebourne
pitched in to check out the release and throw in a +1. I'm prepared to
add one more to my list and "adopt a component"  (in the new year)  -
not to develop, but just to get to know the code and offer opionions
and release review (maybe support).

> I will start. All I can really support right now are [math], [lang],
> [collections] in commons proper and [id] in sandbox.  One day when I
> have more time and courage, I would like to jump into [beanutils] to
> help save it from drowning under unresolved bugs and both [functor]
> and [graph2] in the sandbox (possibly absorbing one or both into
> [math]), but for now the four above are all I can really stay on top
> of.

Currently I'm a commiter for validator, resources and beanutils. I
monitor  (and know) chain and would pitch in readily, if needed.
Theres a couple of others I'm a  user of and keep an eye on
(fileupload, digester, logging).

> To record this kind of info, we might add a list of active volunteers
> to the Wiki page for each component.  Does this sound like a good
> idea?

+1 maybe with a "level" people are prepared to do, including
"adopted". Although how about one wiki page for all components - that
would make it easy to see where the "gaps" are for components that
need additional support.


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