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From Kohsuke Kawaguchi <>
Subject Re: Javaflow and ASM
Date Sat, 31 Dec 2005 16:34:33 GMT
Kohsuke Kawaguchi wrote:
>>> So if you don't mind, I'm happy to make the necessary changes.
>>   Please go ahead. And if you don't mind please send me the test results 
>> you'll get.
> Will do.

I added a new property to select the transformer, and tried to use ASM.

I found a few issues.

- ContinuationMethodAdapter.visitMaxs was passing (0,0) to the next 
visitor. I'm not too familiar with this, but don't we need to basically 
pass through values?

- When moving 'new' instructions, local variables are allocated 
excessively. I think it would be better for it to be used little more 
conservatively. Namely, the number of additional local variables for 
save/restore should be max of all constructor parameter counts, not sum 
of them.

- When moving 'new' instructions, The maxStacks  field isn't updated 
correctly, but I think we needed this.

- While instrumenting the FinallyFlow class, I found that 
ContinuationMethodAdapter.visitMethodInsn dies while trying to save a 
local variable that has a JSR return address in it. I don't think we can 
instrument method invocations in a finally block, so there needs to be 
code that checks it (I don't know how BCEL version is doing that, though)

That's it for now.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Sun Microsystems         

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