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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [vfs] hard coded stuff in properties file
Date Sat, 24 Dec 2005 13:04:28 GMT
> To do that, I need to reproduce the test environment on my system at
> home. I have a dedicated personal server that is not yet fully
> configured and I don't have WMWare. I need to configure my server anyway
> so if I can configure it to run Apache tests it is even better for me.
I've already tried to document how to setup a testserver, you might find 
it here:
In case of vmware please keep in mind that there is a vmware-player for 
free where you can drop in my vmware image and have a testserver up and 
running without any hassle.
I can send you the informations needed to download the image if wanted.

> * VFS is part of the GUMP build process right ?
> * If so, if I use the same properties in the Jelly project to test my
> VFS related stuff, there must be no problem (system is already
> configured)
No, the tests are disabled. None of the automatic build processes are 
able to run these tests due to the lack of a testserver.
I already asked to find a way to get my vmware image up and running 
within apache, but without luck for now.
> * To test my tests can somebody send me the information to setup a 
> compatible build environment ?
I dont know if someone else tried to setup such an environment based on 
this documentation. If you have any problem please contact me, I'll 
complete the documentation then.
> * Do I need to use GUMP to be sure that I don't introduce odd problems ?
I dont understand what you mean with this?
I use my IDE and/or maven to build and test VFS.

> Merry Christmas an Happy new year to 
... you too :-)


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