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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: Commons, Maven, Site, Release
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2005 23:49:12 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:
> First, it seems clear that Maven 2 is a better choice to use than to do
> significant work on Maven 1.x. A lot of things have been proposed for a
> Maven 1.x plugin for commons that are already possible out of the box in
> Maven 2.
Having attended the Maven 2 talk at Javapolis, I started to get the same 
feeling. Its a risk, but adding M1 plugins now seems a bit too late.

> There are some gotchas.
> - Some plugins may not be available. At this point, I am not aware of
> anywhere that this is the case in Commons, but I will do a check over
> this shortly and report back.
One I noted that was missing was clirr. This is an integral part of 
commons releases, although I don't believe it has ever been part of 
maven in the past.

> Inheritence - I believe the common parent is a good way to go, and Maven
> 2 facilitates this by allowing it to be in the repository, avoiding a
> bizarre checkout structure. This should avoid the need for externals
> that has been under discussion.
So long as the resulting zip files can build a site/dist independently 
of svn, and everything can be versioned properly, a common parent is OK. 
But is that what you mean?

> Distributions - this is customisable by a descriptor in Maven 2, so a
> shared commons descriptor might be appropriate here. I actually think
> the defaults can work for what commons distributes now. If individual
> commons components need to use a different descriptor they can always
> override it - no messy hacking on the goals.
I doubt it handles [collections] ;-) We release a testframework jar that 
is a subset of the src/test classes as well as the main jar. No separate 
multiproject structure.


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