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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly] Gump failures: Jexl !
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 10:14:57 GMT
well, that was correct... it was just a matter of trying and guessing 
which was the faulty one...

Change the current parent-project.xml at Jexl from 1.0 to SNAPSHOT... 
and you get a very similar error report as gump does.

Change the current parent-project.xml at everything latest (except 
Xerces) but keep jexl 1.0... and you get a successful build.

Can someone jexl aware investigate issues there ? Maybe I'll give it 
some cycles next week but not earlier.

That should be pretty easy.



Brett Porter wrote:
> It doesn't matter what Maven installation you use, I don't think, though
> IIRC Gump still uses 1.0.2 if that helps.
> I believe the failure is commons-jelly-tags-xml, not commons-jelly.
> Remember, gump uses the latest of everything, so you need to build the
> latests Jelly library snapshot and update the dependency of the tags to
> use that too.
> maven -X will reveal what libraries are actually in use.
> - Brett
> Paul Libbrecht wrote:
>> I'm trying hard to fail and fail to fail...
>> As I understand it would be enough to change
>> ${JELLY_HOME}/parent-project.xml to refer jaxen  1.1-beta-6, 1.1-beta-8
>> or 1.1-beta-5... but "maven clean jar" still succeeds with me.
>> Can it be this is related to the maven classpath ??
>> Am I understanding something wrong of Gump or this should not be set and
>> maven should proceeding using its own classpath ?? (in my
>> maven-1.1-beta-2, this is only forehead.jar which itself builds other
>> classloaders based on maven-home).

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