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From Brett Porter <>
Subject [openpgp] first cut checked into sandbox
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 23:40:08 GMT

As discussed some time back, there is an openpgp component in the
sandbox. I've finally got around to taking Stefan's suggested interfaces
and my tweaks, and doing a rough cut of an implementation in
Bouncycastle for detached signature creation and verification.

There are a couple of known issues:
- the bouncycastle libs aren't in the repo just yet. I'll try and do
that asap.
- only has a maven2 build right now (if that's an issue :)
- there are a couple of BC refs in the interfaces that I need to
separate properly

I am now going to try putting it into use with that portion, then I'll
flesh out the rest and document it all soon. If anyone is still
interested in this, now would be a good time to pipe up :)


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