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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [jelly] Gump failures
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 14:43:36 GMT

I'm trying hard to fail and fail to fail...
As I understand it would be enough to change 
${JELLY_HOME}/parent-project.xml to refer jaxen  1.1-beta-6, 1.1-beta-8 
or 1.1-beta-5... but "maven clean jar" still succeeds with me.

Can it be this is related to the maven classpath ??
Am I understanding something wrong of Gump or this should not be set and 
maven should proceeding using its own classpath ?? (in my 
maven-1.1-beta-2, this is only forehead.jar which itself builds other 
classloaders based on maven-home).


Brett Porter wrote:
> Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> Will Jelly work against Jaxen 1.1?  What are you going to tell your users who want
to combine Jelly and Jaxen and want to use the latest released version of Jaxen?
> Oh, its far worse than that. IIRC, Jelly works with Jaxen 1.1 beta 4. Jaxen 1.0 will
not work, because it is incompatible with dom4j 1.5/6
> which is in use. Jaxen 1.1 beta-5+ is where the build failures came about.
>> Next to (1) turn off nagging, (2) make Gump use a packaged version of
>> Jaxen and (3) adapt to the changes in Jaxen there always is (4) make
>> the Jaxen developers fix the breaking change.
> It was intentionally breaking, I think. I was told that it tightening up
> conformance. Others are welcome to pursue it further, this isn't really
> my realm of expertise.
>> Note that I'm just stating the alternatives and to me (2) would be the
>> worst option, since it meant closing the eyes and ignoring future
>> problems.  But whatever you deem appropriate, go ahead and modify
>> Jelly's Gump descriptors.
> I agree. It should be fixed at either the Jelly or Jaxen end, but if
> nobody is stepping up to do so (and I certainly can't), then turn off
> the nags and put it in jira would be my vote.
> - Brett
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