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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: [all] Website changes (was Re: short critique of site)
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 15:17:09 GMT
Hi Mario,

Sorry for not being there on sunday to finish of the commit :)
- The current list of contributors are only committers.
- The committers are collected from the project.xml (the developers section in maven), so
a lot more inactive people out there are probably listed.
- Just the list of committers is generated. The current contributor page is split up in 2
parts : top and bottom. The emuritus committers are at the bottom.
- I let maven glue the top, list of committers and bottom together.
- You end up with a generated contributors.xml in the xdocs directory.
- The generation is currently hooked into the commons-site-generate goal.
- The generation itself happens in the commons-contributors-page-generate goal.

A choices need to be made before commit :

Do we want to generate the committers from the commons-site-generate goal ?
Do we want to generate this on demand by calling a specific goal (I'll rename the goal to
something more friendly).
Make both possible ?

(I am currently reusing the list of loaded poms that the reactor stores in a variable)


Mario Ivankovits wrote:
> Martin van den Bemt wrote:
>> Also have a look at 
>> which was automatically generated by maven, based on the all the 
>> developers sections in commons-proper.
> Should this be a list of contributers and/or committers?
> I ask as the headline talks about contributors but on the list are only 
> committers. At least the VFS contributors are missing.
> If we are able to autogenerate this list, maybe we might list the 
> contributors too.
> How did you create the "Emeritus" section?
> Is this list based on the (non) commits in the last year?
> I ask as e.g. adammurdoch is still on the list but I cant find a commit. 
> I have no problem with him, but if we would like to have a correct 
> status than this is a failure, isnt it? BTW I just checked the 
> commons-dev commit messages, so maybe I missed something.
> ---
> Mario
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