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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: [all] Maven, help or hinderance?
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 11:58:22 GMT
Torsten Curdt wrote:
> On 04.12.2005, at 02:17, Stephen Colebourne wrote:
>> >>Hate to be an "old fart" here but was ant really all that bad?
> Oh ...please don't!
> All I have to say: dependency management plus the reports are just
> enough for me to never want to switch back to ant again. Even from
> m1! Worst case I was always able to come up with some non-standard
> goals-magic to do what I wanted.
> My 2 cents
> -- 
> Torsten

That wasn't Stephen Colebourne's comment, it was originally mine :-)  I 
just did a release, my first in over a year, and man, was it annoying.

But I wasn't completely serious.  Maven allows us to produce a much 
nicer site with more functionality - no doubt about it.  However, there 
are more steps now, more things to keep track of, more things to go 
wrong.  And my comment sparked quite a lot of thread.  My real thoughts 
are that it is now time to tighten up the jakarta-commons standard and 
documentation for maven use so that there are fewer of these manual 
extra steps that need to be done for every release.

This is how this starts:  Someone comes up with a neat idea and adds a 
manual step to the process to do that.  Often, but not always, this gets 
documented.  Better yet would be if it could get automated.

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