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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: [all] Maven, help or hinderance?
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 21:57:05 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:
> On 12/4/05, Steve Cohen <> wrote:
>>Henri Yandell wrote:
>>>I turn the navigation off on Maven projects. Can't stand the
>>>project-reports, project-info roll-ups that make it harder to find
>>>javadocs etc.
>>Hear hear!  Javadocs are not a "project report" for anyone who uses
>>these sites.  This one we can't blame on Maven, though, can we?  I
>>always assumed it was our setup of Maven.
> What exactly is broken here?
> Sites that follow the instructions here
> or start with the sample nav here
> will link to current and previous release javadoc from the top level
> nav.  Pretty much all maven-generated commons sites do this now.
> The real challenge is what Stephen mentioned and Brett responed to,
> which is how to maintain javadoc for past releases.  Now these files
> have to be manually pushed out and links custom coded in
> navigation.xml.
> Phil
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You're missing the point here, Phil.  It's working as someone intended, 
I'm sure, but the location of Javadocs buried under "Project Reports" is 
bad from an end-user usability perspective.  Granted, consistency is a 
good thing and frequent users may eventually learn, but it would be 
better for javadocs to be a top-level menu item.  The "Javadoc Report" 
is a report and is in the right place but the Javadocs themselves are 

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