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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: HELP! - WAS: Re: [vote][net] Release commons-net 1.4.1?
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 20:31:38 GMT
Dion Gillard wrote:

> If we really do *have to have* a specific release of a plugin, it
> should be a dependency of the project.
> Noone should be forced to remember it.
> Worst case, we should provide a link to suggested upgrades and details
> about what to expect if you don't.
Which brings me to my next question:

The only dependency of this sort that NET includes in the dependency 
list ISN'T a dependency anymore.  It's the statcvs module that we've 
just dropped (see earlier thread).

Looks like I removed it from the "reports" section but not the 
dependencies section.  I guess I can't do anything about that without 
redoing the release.  Which I'm not about to do.

This is another inaccuracy in the instructions.  Step 14 says the 
dependencies are listed in STATUS.html.  Net, at least doesn't have a 
STATUS.html.  These seem to be generated from project.xml.

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