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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: [all][POLL] what files to fixcrlf for windows distributions
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 00:56:47 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:
> Thanks, Martin.  I stand corrected then and will shut up about this. 
> To close this out, I guess we are agreeing that we have no standard
> for line endings and will make no attempt to make them consistent.  I
> did not know the Windows cvs client was also converting the files, so
> thought this was a "new" problem introduced by svn.  Sorry for the
> noise.

I was the one who initially raised this issue. The reason I raised it is 
that most _users_ run Windows. And the default text editor on Windows is 
Notepad which doesn't handle LF. Basically if I download a release and 
oopen the release notes, or project xml then I want CRLF, otherwise I 
have to close the file, find wordpad and reopen it.

Now I understand the argument that our users are developers and shoud 
know how to change file associations, and so on. But we here are 
probably at the higher end of Java/programming knowledge. I want us to 
cater for users who are more Junior. Also, Notepad is very quick to 
start and open a small file, which is why some of use (ie. me) choose to 
leave the txt to notepad association.

This discussion however, seems to have yielded no real solution to this. 
I suspect that what is actually happening is that more commons release 
managers now use Unix than previously, thus the problem is more apparant.

Currently, I setup a custom ant script for each project I release, and 
never use maven for building. That way I can fix crlf for the root level 
text files in the zip and lf for the tar.

However, as this discussion didn't reach agreement, I shall have to keep 
quiet on this subject in future release votes.


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