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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Configuration 1.2
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 11:52:24 GMT
Oliver Heger wrote:
>> [ ] +1  I support this release and am willing to help
>> [ ] +0  I support this release but am unable to help
>> [ ] -0  I do not support this release
>> [X] -1  I do not support this release, and here are my reasons

Finally had time to check it (and note down what I did for the future). 
Apologies for it being a late -1.

Usage of Simian. This is a commercial product which requires a license. 
They state that they will grant a license to OSS, but we should confirm 
whether ASF/Jakarta has such a license. The simplest thing for now is to 
remove this report from the website until the PMC can confirm the legal 

jar file manifest:
Built-By: hacker

I assume 'hacker' is a username of yours. However, I think its 
unsuitable for an ASF distribution.

jar file manifest:
Build-Jdk: 1.4.2_04

Also, I assume that the build-jdk has come from the jdk running maven 
and is not the version configuration supports? Not sure what the 
solution to this is except using ant for the build running JDK 1.3.

The xdocs are not included in the src download.

Other recommended changes:
- Digester dependency states v1.5, but v1.6 is now released.

- You specify the two separate beanutils jar files when you could 
specify just beanutils-core (there is no dependency on 

Other optional ideas:
- Ensure that the source zip unzips to a directory name ending with 
-src. There is a maven setting for this, but I can't find it quickly.

- Include a file in the binary release. See commons-io. 
This can only be done with ant AFAIK.

- Line endings. It seems that you are converting txt files in the root 
folder. Personally I would like to see all text files in the root folder 
converted. This can only be done with ant AFAIK.

- Ensure that the jar uploaded to ibiblio is exactly the same as that in 
the binary release - including date and timestamp. This makes problem 
resolution easier. This can only be done manually AFAIK.

You may notice that ant is needed to achieve much of the above. But 
maven vs ant is a debate for a separate thread.


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