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From Cservenak Tamas <>
Subject [transaction] FileNotFoundException during commitTransaction()
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 11:11:10 GMT
Hi Oliver!

Sorry for not continuing the thread, i'm navigating currently on
apache's  mail-archives...

1. i'll check the HEAD version for updates, thanx.

2. On Linux we use ReiserFS, on Solaris (i think) JFS, will check.
Either way, long (64byte+) file names are supported on Reiser. And
another thing: before this exception, the TxFS created ~50000 files of
the SAME filename length :) As you may see, the filename format is
always same, it is just formatted timestamp with some extras...

Don't have a faintest idea about the creation failure's reason...

> Hi Tamas!
> This looks as if the directory (or the file) has not been created.
> Commons transaction should throw an exception in that case. Not quite
> sure where that should be, though. Anyway, just committed a change
> that adds a check at the suspectedly right position. Please try that.
> Another question is: Why does the creation fail? Are you sure your
> file system supports file names longer than 64 bytes (yours is). AFAIK
> at least NTFS does not...
> Oliver

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