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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [all] Together, and bricks apart
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 10:02:40 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:
> In the "old days" we kept lf line endings on all the source files in
> cvs and hand-rolled ant scripts were used to put crlf on the .txt
> files in the zips.  Between maven and svn's eol=native, that is no
> longer possible or at least immediate.  The real question (see other
> response) is do we care about this?  From lack of response to [poll]
> thread, could be the answer is no.
+1 it think we shouldnt care too much about the eol thing too, never 
ever one of my [vfs] users complained about them nor I've seen such an 
issue on the mailing list.
Though, having a standard in commons would look professional and thus we 
should find consens, even if we say we use lf ;-) only

>> These are really demotivating things!
> greed and sorry if we seem to be making things harder rather than
> easier.
Yes, things are hard, but in the end I like it that way as I hope (and 
think) this really increase the quality.
Its just seems the current "throughput time" in commons (regarding 
releases or communication) is a little bit hughe.

The current [all] threads are an exeption. And I wonder if this has 
something to do with who started them.
Henri is a well known and respected person. But even if someone else try 
to kick off a [all] discussion it would be great if there are at least 
negative responses if there is disapprove.
In concret I talk about the crlf [poll]. If you think its not necessary 
then give me 10 -1 and all is well ;-)

> I remember a couple of years back when we discussed whose votes
> were binding on component releases.  Hen made the interesting comment
> that he felt that committers not working on the component should vote
> and their votes were as important / even more important than those of
> the project team.  We have now devolved to the point where without
> these votes, we will in some cases not be able to get 3 binding +1's. 
> This is not good.
This is true, even more with [VFS].
But the alternative is to leave apache. Every project with less than 3 
active committers for a specific period should be treated as dormant or 
at least as "unable to move" in the context of jakarta/commons.
I really dont like this idea!!!

> It might be a good idea for each of us to
> take stock of the components that we can really +1 releases for
This is a good idea. And it should be somehow binding. Even if it take a 
week until one find time to check a release, we should attend our duty.
On the other hand then other commons projects might loose important 
persons. e.g. Simon and Stephen made good work when they checked the VFS 
I cant talk in their names, but they cant "subscribe" to every commons 
project if its that binding - they have other OS projects too.

The same for me, I can support [vfs], [net], [compress] in the context 
of such a binding, which doesnt mean I cant support other too if there 
is time, but this cant be planned.

So all in all it isnt that bad as it currently is, maybe we are just too 
busy with other work. And we should take concerns from 
"developer-newbies" seriously too ;-)


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