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From Giorgio Gallo <>
Subject Re: commons-concoct - new project proposal
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 01:37:53 GMT

I might be wrong, but I think I've seen an URI implementation in Axis
(don't know if it's a strict RFC-2396 implementation, a
backport, just something they needed or something that does its best to
interpret any messy string passed in)

For me, I buy the "simply use the : as a delimiter" part :-)

To be honest, the very first scratch of the library relied on URIs, but
on a second thought I think URIs do not fit well in a library like this...
- They are only available from jdk1.4 - of course ;-)
- They don't require the scheme to be specified, and I don't think
  there's a way to properly implement relative URI semantic in
- They don't parse "string:a string" (" " must be escaped with %20)
- They don't parse "string:##"
- They don't really provide any useful functionality for the lib, aside
  for syntax checking - which is not really useful IMHO

RFC-2396 URIs:
- defaulting to "string:" when no scheme is specified - a welcome
  feature IMHO, and one that would ease adoption of the lib in with
  .properties files - does not fit well with relative URI semantics
- the grammar is more strict than needed (see deviations in
- all the path stuff is irrelevant for the lib
- they require escaping beyond that of the scheme used and (possibly)
  the file format they are stored in (such as entity escape for xml).

Mario Ivankovits wrote:
> Hi Giorgio!
>> Its purpose is to parse URI-like strings (anything in the form
>> "somescheme:somestring") into java objects according to a
>> scheme-specific syntax (which is straightforward in most cases)
> Do you plan to support the full URI specification of do you simply use
> the ":" as delimiter ;-)
> But then the URI stuff of your project should be splitted out into its
> own project e.g. commons-uri
> In [vfs] we have needs for a jdk independend URI library.
> ---
> Mario
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