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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: [all] Together, and bricks apart
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 23:04:39 GMT
Mario Ivankovits wrote:
> Martin van den Bemt wrote:
>> I tend to focus more on (for me) productive things, since (almost) all 
>> of my open source efforts happens/has to happen in my spare time, 
>> which is limited..
> Me too, especially the [vfs] thing is a free time job for me. But even 
> more it is demotivating if you are blocked due to a more restrictive 
> check when it comes to the release vote then you had during your release 
> candidates.

More involvment in the RC's is what I can think of for myself here, also for projects I don't

> I search a little bit, and guess what, we have such a documentation
> We have to rework it, tough.
> *) In the area of "class file format" we should state that we not allow 
> to use only the "target" attribute but also require to use the correct 
> jdk version: the version the project was designed for.
> *) And we need a new point of what files we need to crlf fix.

To reask the question in this thread : what is broken with crlf ?
I use both windows and linux (and mix zips and tgz on both platforms) and never had a single
issue with this. It could be the way I work though :)

> *) And I dont know why we should fix all bugs, its not very productive 
> to mark all bugs as "later" and after the release revert the status again.

You don't have to fix all bugs, but the number and kind of bugs solved / still open can be
a good indicator of how the project is doing.


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