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From Nicolas De Loof <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Configuration 1.2
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 08:08:04 GMT

Mario Ivankovits a écrit :

> robert burrell donkin wrote:
>>> There has been no reaction on this vote thread so far.
>>> Will I have to cancel this release because of lack of interest? :-(
>> 3 the release has been compiled using 1.4.2: if commons-configuration is
>> supposed to support 1.3 jdks then this could be a problem unless you've
>> taken very careful steps.
> I've seen this too. I checked the build and tests and found te build 
> fails with jdk.1.3 as there are references to javax.sql.DataSource and 
> so I thought this is a jdk1.4 project.
> Unhappily a wrong decision by me. But this might explain why a jdk1.4 
> were used.
> ---
> Mario

Can't this dependency be solved using jdbc2.0-stdext.jar ? I'm using Jdk 
1.3 and cannot upgrade. Not supporting 1.3 anymore will stop my 
migration to commons-configuration.


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