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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: commons-concoct - new project proposal
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 02:30:45 GMT
On 12/1/05, Giorgio Gallo <> wrote:
> I've read trough the charter and will post a formal proposal as soon as
> I get the time to write it down ;)
> In the meantime, is there anyway I could upload the code (its around
> 60k, zipped), in a quest for initial committers to include on the proposal?

Either attach it to a bugzilla entry, or mail it to me and I'll put it
in my ~ space

> As regards incubation:
> - The code have never been released, whether on its own or inside a
> larger application/library
> - I'm the sole copyright owner of the code
> - I am (of course) willing to donate it to ASF
> Does this imply it needs to be incubated?

Depends on the people interested. If there are no/few existing
committers interested, then yes you'd need to be incubated. If however
the majority of interested committers are existing committers, then
we'll go with a code grant and goto the sandbox.


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