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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Jakarta-commons Wiki] Update of "math/1.2ReleasePlan" by PhilSteitz
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2005 22:21:08 GMT
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The following page has been changed by PhilSteitz:

New page:
= Release Plan For Commons Math 1.2 =

== Background ==

There are several numerical analysis and stats additions and enhancements in the pipeline
for 1.2. There are also lots of items on the MathWishList, some of which should make it into

== Status ==

Planning stage - straw man.


= Pre Release Tasks =

== Coding ==
Enhancements, straightforward additions:
 * Refactor analysis package into smaller subpackages (deprecating, but leaving old classes
in place for backward compatibility, tp be removed only in 2.0) [[]]
 * Improve test path coverage and fix remaining style issues in analysis package
 * Review and commit FFT implementation (BZ 36404)
 * Address SoC follow-up items [[]]
 * Review and commit correllation matrix contribution (BZ 36308)
 * Review and commit rank correllation contribution (BZ 36331)
 * Develop clean room or borrow QR matrix decomposition from JAMA
 * Use QR decomposition to complete multiple linear regression implementation
 * Implemenent Remedian [[]]
 * Implement improved discrete random variate generators [[]]
 * Implement more advanced "storageless" univariate statistics [[]]

More ambitious:
 * Genetic algorithms
 * Resampling API and framwork
 * Sparse matrices
=== Documentation ===
 * Add user guide sections to cover recent additions to analysis package.  Verify complete
 * Add example showing how to use `ValueServer` to create a service simulator with latency
"like" a production resource

=== Javadoc ===
=== Quality ===
=== Check Compatibility ===

This release should be binary compatible with the 1.1 release, including serialization

=== Build ===

Move to maven 2?

== RC(s) ==

 * Once tasks above a completed, create MATH_1.1_RC1 branch and roll a full RC
 * Repeat for n=2, 3, ... until all are happy (see below :-)

== Release Notes ==

== Release Vote(s) ==

If no objections are raised on problems reported with an RC after two days, a VOTE thread
will be kicked off.  If problems are reported during the vote, these will be fixed and a new
RC will be made available and a new VOTE initiated.  This process will iterate until we have
had a successful VOTE thread extend for 72 hours.

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