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From Josh Foure <>
Subject [fileupload] memory consumption
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 14:11:20 GMT
Hi All,

I have noticed a concerning memory issue when I use
the File Upload 1.1 with the following code:

int maxFileSize = 100000;
DiskFileItemFactory factory = new
ServletFileUpload upload = new
List items = upload.parseRequest(request);

I set the max file size and the threshold size to be
the same (100k) so that files are never writen into
the temp directory.  The problem I noticed is that
when I submitted a form containing 50 input fields, a
temporary byte array of 100k was created for each of
the 50 fields.  So in my case, 50 fields * 100k per
field = 5MB of memory was used for a single form being
submitted.  Is this the normal behavior?  Also, the
documentation states:

# Uploaded items should be retained in memory as long
as they are reasonably small.
# Larger items should be written to a temporary file
on disk.
# Very large upload requests should not be permitted.

Although I would imagine that "reasonably small" and
"larger items" and "very large" would depend on the
application, the memory available and the amount of
concurrent users, are there any guidelines?


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