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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Jakarta-commons Wiki] Update of "ReleaseChecking" by NiallPemberton
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 02:57:09 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by NiallPemberton:

New page:
= Checking a Release Candidate =

The purpose of this page is to provide guidelines for the kind of things to check for a ''Release
Candidate'' before voting. As well as helping people checking releases, hopefully it will
help Release Managers avoid some potential pitfalls / objections.

''These are just some initial thoughts - hopefully others will add in their 2c - niallp''

== 1. General Checks ==
  * Has the release been '''tagged''' in Subversion?
  * Are there '''open''' (non-enhancement) '''bugzilla''' tickets?
== 2. Binary Distribution ==
  * Are the '''NOTICE''' and '''LICENSE''' files included in the '''root''' directory?
  * Are the '''NOTICE''' and '''LICENSE''' files included in '''jar'''?
  * Is the '''jar's manifest''' file correct?
    * Check the component '''version number''' is correct.
    * Check the '''title''' and '''vendor'''.
    * Check the '''JDK version'''.
      * if the JDK version is higher than expected (e.g. JDK 1.4 rather than JDK 1.3) does
the maven build have the compatibility option set?
  * Check the '''documentation'''
    * Is the '''style''' in keeping with other Commons components
    * Is there adequate information on:
      * '''Releases'''
      * '''Mailing Lists'''
      * '''Dependencies'''
        * Are all dependencies appropriately '''licensed'''?
        * Are all dependencies '''released''' versions?
        * Dependency '''comments''' are good (indicating whether its required/optional/for
testing/for the site generation) e.g. [
      * '''Issue Tracking''' - there are some good examples of custom issue tracking  pages
(see [ Validator] or [
      * '''Project License'''
    * Do the '''!JavaDocs''' look OK?
    * Are there any '''check style''' or '''javadoc warnings'''
    * Is a '''Simian report''' included? If so has the component obtained a '''license'''
for Simian?
      * See [ Simian Web
    * Do all the '''links work''' for the local copy of the documentation? 
  * If you're a user of the component - can you '''give the RC a test run'''?  

== 3. Source Distribution ==
  * Are the '''NOTICE''' and '''LICENSE''' files included in the '''root''' directory?
  * Is '''everything''' in the '''source repository''' included in the distro?
    * Files typically in the '''root''' directory
      * project.xml
      * maven.xml
      * (maybe) build.xml
      * Checkstyle files (xml config, checkstyle headers file)
    * Are the contents of the '''source''' directory present
    * Are the contents of the '''xdocs''' directory present
    * Are '''configuration''' files / directories present?
    * Are there any additional files included that are not in the source repository?
      * e.g. SVN files, log files, temporary distribution directories
  * Can the project be built (i.e. run '''"maven dist"''') from the '''source distribution'''
(note the commons-build directory will need to be available)?
      * do the '''tests''' run?
      * is the '''jar''' correctly generated
      * do the distribution files '''generated''' (i.e. binary/source zip/tar.gz files) '''match'''
the ones for the '''release'''?

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