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From Konstantin Priblouda <>
Subject Re: [net][Fwd: Author of Jakarta commons-net-1.4.0]
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 13:22:31 GMT

--- Mario Ivankovits <> wrote:

> Hi!
> Attach you will find the e-mail I got from IBM.
> I am not on the PMC mailing list so I dont know
> every detail about the 
> current [net] issues, but I am a little bit angry
> about IBM as the told 
> me they would integrate commons-net into on of their
> project and I 
> answered them best of my knowledge! Now I have the
> feeling this was a lie.
> I am a little bit angry on IBM now, so could someone
> please clarify what 
> happens here?

Legal departmen of IBM does his work. They try to
avoid any posible copyright issue after incorporating
commons-net into their product. 

(for example  If you were employed, then it would be
possible that your employer has  copyright on your
stuff in certain jurisdictions ) 

Insetad of JBoss inc they take copyright issues
seriosly ( you surely 
heard about JB copyright / licensing issues lately -
it could cost 
marketshare for them ) 

So IBM just tries to cover their and their customers


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