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From Benoit Callebaut <>
Subject [PATCH][Jelly] new features : properties & VFS integration
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 11:17:45 GMT
This patch add 2 features :
 * Properties : Properties are something like variables but  are
intended to be used internally to modify the behavior of some tags.
Functionality of properties can be managed by variables but properties
avoid the problem of defining variables recognized internally by tags.

I use the properties to add custom extra pre and post processing for
tags. If a special property called "pre-content" is defined as a object
implementing the new "TagProcessor" interface, the classes "TagScript"
and "TextScript" will call the methods of the object before and after
processing the tag/text.
This is very handy to implements a Jelly debugger of a formatter on the
Jelly output.

I added a new tag to set them. It is called "attribute"

* support for VFS for the FileTag. I integrated the VFS library in the
"FileTag". This means that it is possible to use VFS supported file
systems as output targets. Per default, it will behave as the old
"FileTag" if no VFS file systems are configured.

This patch doesn't break any existing test. I wrote a test case for the
first modification.

I need those modifications for my library.
This library generates formatted source code and does rely on a file
system neutral approach.
Moreover, I don't want to modify existing jelly scripts and I don't want
to pipe the output of one jelly script to the input of another jelly
script for something like formatting

I will be able to give more test-case and feedback of the usefulness of
those modifications when my output library is developed.


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