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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject [logging] [PROPOSAL] strategy for JCL1.1 release
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 10:24:39 GMT
thanks to dennis for the release plan page

i'd like to propose the following solutions to the design issues
highlighted. please indicate opinions in the conventional fashion :)

1 eliminate optional jar

IMHO sub-components don't work very well. in particular, i think too
many users are going to get too confused by yet another jar. WeakHashMap
will go into the base distribution, other classes will be moved into
contrib. perhaps another component (logging-extras) would be good or
perhaps moving them off shore.

2 clean up source

demonstration will be moved into contrib

3 improve support for downstream packagers

add an ant task that creates a distribution with minimal dependencies.
create guide to help people understand the distribution with section on

4 log4j loggers

log4j 1.3 is still not released. the new JCL release cannot depend on
unreleased code. the 1.3 implementation will be moved into contrib.
Log4JLogger and Log4J12Logger will be shipped with notes that direct use
of log4jlogger is deprecated and will be replaced by a logical logger
when log4j 1.3 ships.

5 ServletContextCleaner

this will be shipped

6 IoC friendly design


- robert

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