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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject Re: [configuration][ALL] compatibility issues with hsqldb
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 01:53:18 GMT
I had the same problem in Commons Resources recently. We had been using
hsqldb 1.7.1 (which I think was OK with JDK 1.3) - but the problem was it
shut down the database if all connections were closed. I fixed an issue in
Commons Resources to close connections properly and found the tests failed -
upgraded to hsqldb (same version as Configuration) and hit the same
JDK 1.4 issue. I fixed it, by just not running the one JUnit test case that
uses hsqldb if the JDK was less than 1.4:


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Oliver Heger" <>
Sent: Saturday, December 03, 2005 11:21 AM

> Hi all,
> ATM I am facing a problem with hsqldb and JDK 1.3 compatibility and
> would like to know if the same occurred for other components (and if
> already a solution exists).
> Commons Configuration contains a class DatabaseConfiguration whose test
> class makes use of hsqldb. When trying to build the distros on JDK 1.3
> (which is the minimum supported JDK, so the release should be built with
> that) TestDatabaseConfiguration causes test failures: a class not found
> exception for java.sql.SavePoint.
> As I found out the cause for that is the hsqldb.jar distributed through
> ibiblio, which was built for JDK 1.4 and later. Indeed I was able to
> recompile hsqldb on JDK 1.3 and then the problem disappears.
> Unfortunately there does not seem to be a JDK 1.3 compatible version of
> a hsqldb.jar on the ibiblio maven reository (at least I did not find
> one). So this makes the build process on a JDK 1.3 very hard because the
> correct hsqldb.jar cannot be automatically downloaded.
> Do other components have the same constellation (dependency to hsqldb
> and minimum required JDK 1.3)? How is this handled there?
> Thanks
> Oliver

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